‘Dakota, Maya, Nikan, Sierra’ – New portrait in colored pencil

21 08 2009

I sketched all four dogs on the nice paper. I used a light colored pencil and it’s not very visible so I changed the photo into black and white and added contrast, just for visibility.

Four dogs portrait

I am moving from left to right so I don’t smudge the drawing as I go. Here’s the first stage of drawing Dakota’s portrait, when I block the colors and map the fur direction. I’ve already put a few layers in different colors but I don’t worry about details at this point yet. I’m pretty excited to finally be able to work exclusively on this portrait because I think it will be one of my best drawings!

‘Jinn’ – Black and Red German Shepherd – cp drawing

29 05 2009

My latest commission. Hope you like it and it will become a cheristed memory for Jinn’s owners.

Jinn - black and red German shepherd

Jinn - black and red German shepherd

‘Cody’ – black horse portrait – colored pencil

1 04 2009

Here’s my latest commission. This is the first horse portrait I ever draw for a client. I really liked working on this drawing!

What my clients say

9 03 2009

I updated my website and added a section for customer comments. I’ve been thinking about doing it for a while but I love working on drawings more than on my website :) I will need to add more pictures and comments there but I’m very happy that I can finally express my appreciation to my customers!

Here’s the link Happy clients

‘Gracie’ – sable German shepherd dog – colored pencil drawing

26 01 2009

I have just finished this drawing and honestly I am pretty proud of it :) Love German shepherds!

Gracie - sable German shepherd dog portrait

Gracie - sable German shepherd dog portrait

Kona – German shepherd drawing in graphite pencil

28 12 2008

Here’s my comleted commission of black German shepherd Kona. I really loved working on this portrait! It was also a commission for a Christmas gift and it turned out to be a very special gift. I love to make people happy!!!
German shepherd portrait original pencil drawing

Close up:
Close up German shepherd dog drawing

‘Kahn’ – completed! German shepherd portrait

28 12 2008

I have finished this colored pencil portrait on time! It was a Christmas present and I’m so happy it got to its destination on time!
German shepherd portrait colored pencil drawing


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